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The Gerardo Guerrieri cultural association APS has been registered with the National Single Registry of Non Profit Organisations (RUNTS) since April 4, 2022. On the RUNTS website, when you look us up under our fiscal code 96471580587, you will find our Articles of Incorporation, our Bylaws and our Financial Report.

You may read our Articles of Incorporation, our Bylaws and the Informative file on the use of your Data, on this page. 

On this page, you may also find the mandatory information on public contributions that we have received, with the report on how the sums were spent, if the project has been completed.

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Years 2022-2023


Don Quixote Project

Gerardo Guerrieri APS Cultural Association has signed a network agreement with Baby Films srl and Teatro Club Cultural Association for the realization of the "Don Quixote Project" a film inspired by the idea of a play written by Gerardo Guerrieri and Mariano Rigillo.

The preparatory project for the film (site visits to Basilicata, auditions to actors, making of a short film dedicated to Rocco Brancati) was carried out by Baby Films srl during the year 2022 in Matera, Potenza and various places in Basilicata, thanks to a financial contribution from the Basilicata Region, which was accounted for and disbursed following the submission of expense invoices by Baby Films srl to the Cultural Association Gerardo Guerrieri, APS.

You may find the breakdown of the contributions received in the table on this page.

Years 2023-2025


A journey through the Lands of Theaters. The Teatro Club Archives

The Gerardo Guerrieri APS Cultural Association participated in the Italian Ministry of Culture's call for proposals for the European Union-funded project - Next Generation EU, within the framework of the PNRR, for whose implementation Invitalia is responsible. The application by the Gerardo Guerrieri APS Cultural Association was accepted by the Ministry of Culture, through Invitalia, on October 2, 2023, and was given the protocol numbers TOCC0001525, CUP C87J230044200008 and COR 15915219. The project lasts for 18 months from the date the measure was signed (which was October 30, 2023) and will end on April 30, 2025. The total grant awarded is €65,750.00, with a non-repayable contribution of €52,600.00 and a contribution borne by the Association of €13,150.00. The project, which is in progress, was created to tell the story of the Teatro Club Association (later named Premio Roma) invented by Gerardo Guerrieri and Anne d'Arbeloff, which brought the most important artists of the world stage to Italy, for the first time, between 1957 and 1985. The Gerardo Guerrieri Cultural Association APS is working to organize, publish and share the immense heritage of still unpublished documents which are located in the different Archives and Institutions which are partners of the initiative, by creating a dynamic and interactive digital platform in Italian and English, a virtual exhibition, and a physical exhibition.

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