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Support the Associazione culturale Gerardo Guerrieri APS

The Associazione culturale Gerardo Guerrieri APS is an organization that needs the support of you all, to continue proposing projects and involving the community: even a small contribution will be crucial for us. A small gesture that will make you a Patron.

We accept donations of any amount from individuals, companies, organizations, and institutions to support our activities and help us promoting and implementing projects related to the world of theater and culture, publishing books, enhancing and preserving archives, conducting courses and seminars, and allowing us to expand our team, involving more those who voluntarily help us carry out our initiatives.

How to make a liberal donation:

Since we are a non-profit association registered with Runts (the Unique Register of the Third Sector for Non Profit Organizations in Italy ), if you make a donation via bank transfer or Paypal, you can deduct from your income tax an amount equal to 30% of what you have to pay, or you can deduct the donation, up to 10% of your income.

As soon as we receive your donation, we will send you a certification, which you can give to your tax consultant, to allow you to have an income tax deduction or a deduction on your taxes that you may use for your IRPEF declaration, depending on your case.

Our bank account is at BCC Roma, Branch no. 3 in Via Vodice 29/31 in Rome.  

You can make a bank transfer to our Iban, which is the following: 


YOU MAY ALSO DONATE WITH PAYPAL. Just click on this link and decide the amount you want to donate. It's quick, and we receive your gift immediately. If you choose to use Paypal, we will send you a certification for the sum we receive, minus Paypal commission’s costs.

In the space where you can declare the reason for your bank transfer, remember to write your name and surname, and "liberal donation" for the Gerardo Guerrieri APS Association.

Remember to send a copy of the bank transfer or Paypal payment, even as a screenshot, to the email, to allow us to have your contact details and send you the certification of what you have donated.

Let us know in the email if you want us to include your name in our "Donors' Gallery", which is our way of saying thank you, dedicating a seat in a theater that is virtual for now, but that we would like to create for real in the future!

Thank you for your contribution, which is truly precious. Join us to inspire the new generations. Let's work together towards building a conscious future. THANK YOU!

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