Associazione culturale Gerardo Guerrieri


Don Quixote

The cultural association Gerardo Guerrieri APS has entered into a network agreement with Baby Films Srl and the cultural association Teatro Club for the realization of the "Don Quixote project," a movie inspired by a play by Gerardo Guerrieri and Mariano Rigillo.
The preparatory project for the film (location scouting in Basilicata, auditions for actors, production of a short film dedicated to Rocco Brancati) was carried out by Baby Films Srl during the year 2022 in Matera, Potenza, and various locations in Basilicata, thanks to a financial contribution from the Basilicata Region, which was accounted for and disbursed following the submission of expense invoices by Baby Films Srl to the cultural association Gerardo Guerrieri, APS.

Gerardo Guerrieri and Anne d’Arbeloff in a “selfie” taken by Guerrieri during a trip in Moscow, 1950’s, Guerrieri family Archive.
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