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Scenes from the theaters of Gerardo Guerrieri

October 25th 2021 - TeatroBasilica, Rome

On October 25, 2021, thanks to the hospitality of TeatroBasilica in Rome and the availability of Antonio Calenda, a day dedicated to Gerardo Guerrieri and to introducing the Guerrieri Association took place.

The initiative, entitled "Scenes from the Theaters of Gerardo Guerrieri," was curated and planned by Stefano Geraci and Antonio Calenda, assisted by Emanuela Bauco, Tiziano Di Muzio, and Marta Marinelli, with the participation of the Gruppo della Creta company, which hosted the event at TeatroBasilica.

The day of October 25, divided by the curators into 12 "scenes," saw a large audience, composed for the first time not only of "experts" of the Guerrieri universe but also of spectators who were not previously familiar with him and who were intrigued and fascinated by his work.

The recovery of memory and the dramatization of Guerrieri's texts were constructed by Stefano Geraci and Antonio Calenda with the collaboration of scholars, directors, actors, and enthusiasts of Guerrieri's work, who managed to convey to the audience in the theater a great emotion, also by listening to recordings with the voice of Guerrieri himself, Giulietta Masina, Rina Morelli and Paolo Stoppa, Julian Beck and Judith Malina, the viewing of images by Tommaso Le Pera, and, finally, the screening of the documentary "Guerrieri" by Fabio Segatori.

The dramaturgical path of the day, articulated in moments of conversation alternated with readings, began with the reading of one of the tales from Basilicata by Guerrieri, read by Ulderico Pesce. The actors of the Gruppo della Creta (Alessio Esposito, Maria Lomurno, Matteo Baronchelli, and Daniela Giovanetti), directed by Alessandro Di Murro, interpreted passages from published and unpublished texts by Guerrieri, selected by Stefano Geraci in a particularly dense script that led the audience through 12 "Scenes" dedicated to as many moments of Guerrieri's creative journey.

In the twelfth scene, Mariano Rigillo and Anna Teresa Rossini presented the audience with verses from "Troilus and Cressida" translated by Guerrieri in which they had participated in the 1975 edition directed by Roberto Guicciardini, and video extracts from the show created in 2008 based on the script of "Don Quixote" written by Guerrieri with Mariano Rigillo himself.

The event would not have been possible without the passionate participation of those who intervened to contribute with their stories to make the figure of Gerardo Guerrieri known, together with Stefano Geraci and Antonio Calenda, in the presence of Anne d’Arbeloff: Marco De Marinis, Selene Guerrieri, Stefano Locatelli, Fausto Malcovati, Laura Mariani, Ferruccio Marotti, Fabio Segatori, and the young scholars Emanuela Bauco, Tiziano Di Muzio, and Marta Marinelli.

An article by Tiziano Di Muzio and Marta Marinelli was published about the day in the LiminaTeatri magazine on November 24, 2021.

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