Associazione culturale Gerardo Guerrieri

Giorgio De Lullo, Vittorio Gassman and Gerardo Guerrieri rehearse the play “Immagini e tempi di Eleonora Duse”, by Gerardo Guerrieri, directed by Luchino Visconti, for Teatro Club, Quirino Theatre, Rome, October 3rd 1958, Guerrieri family Archive.
Jerome Savary and Gerardo Guerrieri during the press conference presentation of the play “Les derniers jours de solitude de Robinson Crusoe, 20 ans d’aventure et d’amour”, by Jerome Savary, Rome, Villa Medici, May 25th 1972. © by Tommaso Le Pera.
“The Antigone of Sophocles”, The Living Theatre Company of Julian Beck and Judith Malina, April 5-7 1967, Theatre delle Arti, Rome, for Teatro Club, © by Tommaso Le Pera.
Anne and Gerardo at work, 1960’s. Guerrieri family Archive.

The Gerardo Guerrieri cultural association - a non profit organization for social promotion (APS) was created on December 16, 2020, to honor the figure and works of Gerardo Guerrieri, in the hundredth year since he was born, which was also the year of the dedication of the Cine Teatro belonging to the City of Matera, in Palazzo dell'Annunziata, to the name of Guerrieri.

The Association is dedicated to the promotion and recognition of the memory, the ideas and the projects of Gerardo Guerrieri and of his wife Anne d’Arbeloff, especially in the fields of theater, literature, arts, cinema, sciences, research, education, of cultural and scientific awareness and dissemination, of the preservation of documents.

Since the creation of the Association, it has organized special workshops and events to introduce non theater specialists to the work and figure of Gerardo Guerrieri; cultural encounters; promoted the publication of works issued from the writings of Guerrieri; it offered curricular internships to allow students to research and learn through the documents of Gerardo Guerrieri in his Archives; it participated in the production of a film inspired by a stage play written by Gerardo Guerrieri and Mariano Rigillo, based on Cervantes’ Don Quixote. Don Quixote di Cervantes.

We would like to involve young generations to help them grow and build their future with a conscious involvement, through the re-discovery of the history of the most important artists of the international stages in the past, seen with todays’ eyes.

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