Associazione culturale Gerardo Guerrieri

The Donors Gallery

Gerardo Guerrieri at a market stall in Asuncion in Paraguay, photograph by Anne d’Arbeloff, 1950’s, Guerrieri family Archive.

We wish to thank all of you who have already made a donation to the Associazione Culturale Gerardo Guerrieri APS, and who have accepted to have your names on our website.


We’d like to create a virtual stalls area, with a seat dedicated to each one of you. Thank you! Thank you! Thank You!

We hope one day to be able to offer you a real stalls area, to show you our gratitude!

Gabriella Corazza
Rosalba Demetrio
Raffaello De Ruggieri
Francesco De Sanctis
Edoardo Ferri
Gian Luca Martinelli
Francesco Padrone
Claudia Ruspoli
Oddina Pittatore
Tim Waddy
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